I'm a bit of a tech freak, and I love getting stuck in to a bit of CSS or HTML coding. I'm also a bit mental, and totally get that not everyone loves tech as much as I do!

Here at Mummy Mama Mum, I share tons of tricks, tips, and solutions to your blog headaches!

From tech to mindset, I've got you covered!

I also run the site The Blog VA, where I help bloggers make the best of the time they have by getting things fixed and done for them!

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From time to time, I might let you know about a special offer I'm running, or a product that I think might help you. Often, these won't be my own products, but things that I believe will genuinely help you out in this crazy blogging world! Of course, there'll be times I'll let you know about my bits too ;-)

My promise to you is that I will only send you information about products and/or services that I genuinely trust and believe will help you and be worth your time. And yes, that includes my own. I will respond to what you tell me, and send you the most relevant emails I can based on your preferences and our chats! More than all of this, I will do everything in my power to help you solve all you blog headaches!

If at any time you ask me to stop, I will stop. Simples.
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